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Water softeners that allow you to create purified water for drinking.

If hard water is an issue to you, Purifiner's extensive line of water softeners will provide conditioned soft water for your family. Through the use of various resins, we generate a full line of ion exchange equipment for the removal of extremely high levels of iron, tannin, nitrate and sulphate.

This equipment features: Computerized control, Programmable regeneration cycles, Up to 50% saving on salt usage, Up to 40% saving on water used for regeneration, & more ...

WATER-PRO is a family-owned and operated business that for more than 20 years has been providing our customers with better quality water in their homes and places of business.

As independent water treatment professionals we are able to install systems and equipment that is designed to be trouble-free and user friendly.

All of our installations are done by licensed plumbers and are covered by some of the best warranties in the business.

We offer free and honest advice about your water quality problems and would be pleased to provide pricing for any needs you may have.

Reverse osmosis Residential Water Systems with Sani-Purge

Waterite Technologies introduces major design advancement with the latest generation of its popular Vectapure undersink RO family. System features now include a standard housing post-filter cartridge, Waterite´s unique Sani-Purgeā„¢ system and twin-oring filter housings, all as standard equipment.

Vectapure II RO systems, each with a Waterite Black Max 75 GPD high-output membrane, are available in three sizes.

Protecting your whole family from harmful microorganisms in your drinking water is easier than you think.

With Trojan you get an easy-to-use, safe, chemical-free way to disinfect your water. It´s the environmentally-friendly, proven
technology from the world leader . Ultraviolet (UV) light is at the invisible, violet end of the light spectrum. Even through we can´t see UV light, we are exposed to UV rays from all light sources, including the sun. The water treatment industry uses a high-powered form of UV light called UV-C or “germicidal UV” to disinfect water.

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